One realises the vibe of death, when it puts its frigid hands on one’s beloved. Death does not come with a warning; but it leaves behind a devastated family, void companionship and helpless surviving partner. Each one of us at some point of time has experienced the pain and sorrow of losing a beloved from within the family or a near and dear companion, a senior mentor or a business associate. At that hour of grief, while sorrow engulfs the mind, one witnesses an environment of sheer helplessness.

The feeling of having lost a close family member/ an acquaintance/ a friend/an associate or a person known to us, overcasts the surroundings, making one feel that the activity and world around us has come to a virtual standstill. One tends to slip into nostalgia intermittently cherishing memories of the memorable past of togetherness and bondage, making oneself realise the sudden void. For the bereaved family, apart from the emotional trauma and shock, financial insecurity supersedes everything, especially if the deceased was the prime earning member of the family. The family members are left in a confused state of mind and sentiments drive decisions with ration thinking sometimes taking a back seat. It is at this stage that appropriate guidance and assistance is critical and utmost required.

Our Mission

“Guardians of Legacy”.

Our Vision

“Making future familiar”.

Our Services

Transfer & Transmission of movable asset

Assisting, guiding in completing all the formalities with heirs/beneficiaries of the deceased for seamless transmission / transfer of movable assets of the deceased including but not limited to – PPF, EPF savings, Post Office savings, Bank savings, Bank/Company deposits, Mutual fund investments , Equity share portfolio and Bonds with or without WILL.

Tax Assistance

Providing assistance to the beneficiary/heir by introducing to empanelled professionals for any kind of taxation advise. Tie up with practicing chartered accountants and CA firms for assisting Non-Resident Indians with Inheritance Taxation (compliance as per FACTA& CRS) and periodic compliance with regard to CRS declarations for NRIs.

Allied Value-Added Services

Alliances are underway with digital locker service providers, password management companies, custodian services & executorships, trusteeship companies and investment advisory by wealth mangers, succession planners and family offices for surviving spouse/close of kin of the bereaved family.

Legal assistance Will Drafting and Management

Provision of seeking legal advice from eminent lawyers on a pan India basis and all types of legal assistance for complex family situations along with the services like drafting a will for surviving spouse, will management reating to seeking , probate, heir certificate etc.

Transfer & Transmission of Immovable Assets

Assisting, guiding in completing all formalities with heirs/beneficiaries of the deceased for seamless transmission / transfer of immovable assets including but not limited to - land, house, property and others.

Claims Settlement

Interacting with the authorities for settlement of outstanding dues with the employers, insurers and others including and not restricted to EPF claims and any other accidental claims in cases of cause of death while on duty etc. and in specified situations.

PIC : Preparedness for Inheritance Compliant

While each one of us is occupied with everyday life chores, we seldom look at/evaluate our investment portfolio(asset profile). Requirements for revalidation with changing situations, compliances and emerging developments often skip our action. Ownership (holding) pattern of investments, coupled with the administrative aspects embedded therein may not hold good in recent times; due to passage of time or change in relationships and this often remains unattended. Inheritance Needs Services Pvt. Ltd.

I Need : Inheritance Needs

Inheritance Needs Services Pvt. Ltd. (INSPL), provides comprehensive support to the bereaved family post demise of a member through its service offering “Inheritance Need” (I-NEED). This service aims to assist the bereaved family by doing all the acts and activities relating to the transfer and transmission of movable as well as immovable assets owned by the deceased in favour of the legitimate heirs and beneficiaries.

Work With Us

Come, join a team of guardians to serve and professionalise a revolutionary service, never in existence before as a comprehensive service offering.


Inheritance Tax Incidence – UK


Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act & Common Reporting Standard

Process – Life Insurance Claims

Estate Tax Incidence – USA





The wisdom and experience of our mentors, the spirit and commitment of our team backed by the support of their families has enabled us gather confidence to serve our clients relentlessly, in handling confidential information under situations of grave stress and anxiety. The customer experience that we received through feedback mechanism from our clients, sets the tone for improvisation to attain service excellence. We at INSPL feel that clients are the valued Investors in our credibility and their faith fuel turbo chargers our employees to perform day in and day out. We are immensely grateful for the support we have received from diverse quarters of corporate community, professionals, the BFSI sector, the regulators and other stakeholders and participants for their support as we move ahead in the journey of touching and transforming the unserved and unserviced need of the people A journey of growth oriented service for all Indians including NRIs, PIOs and OCIs.

What People Say About Us

Soli Engineer
Availed “I- Need” services

“Fundamental clarity and detailed representations enabled seamless solving of complex asset transmission issues with ease ”

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Mrs. Pinaaz K, Dubai
Availed “PIC” service for her parents

“The services provided by INSPL team scored prominently on accountability, transparency & commitment”

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Capt. Ranjan M
Availed “PIC” services

“I would be happy to call Inheritance Needs Team Social Doctors ”

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Mrs. B Y Desai
Availed for : PIC

“ Meticulous in representations showed up in domain knowledge expertise…. ..they were a saviour with patience ready to provide a helping hand.”

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Heirs of Lt. Shri. Gurdasani
Availed “ I – Need” service

“… they know their job better than a bank or an institution ”

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Rahul – Singapore
Availed “PIC” service

“… Despite knocking the doors of several tax professionals, finance advisors etc, no one could really help resolve the issue.”

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Firdos Sorab Irani
Availed “PIC” service

“… diligence n understanding of my family needs were very well understood by them and they have helped resolve all my issues with utmost care n to our satisfaction ….”

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S .Bhakhri
Availed “PIC” service

“The patience, professionalism and understanding displayed… ensured we were guided and counselled on each and every step of the process and every small/medium/large concern addressed”

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Mrs. Janaki Subramanian
Availed “I- Need” service

“…. I am indeed happy to be served so efficiently by your staff who made me aware of things which opened my eyes…..” …..“they always came home and did all the running about…. ”

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