Why is a

life-vest worn ?

Why wear a

helmet on the Project Site ?

Why wear a seat belt

when in a vehicle ?

When safety and precaution is core to preserving life, why not work towards safely passing on

what you have to those you love?


Address the legacy of your Indian assets with the experts

Genesis of the need

As human beings, our lives are surrounded by uncertainties; with the only certainty being our eventual demise. While each one of us is  aware of our  mortality, its devastating effects are felt very suddenly  when it is right at our door. There is rarely ever a warning or any notice.

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Preparedness for Inheritance Compliance - (PIC)

Ensure your assets move on to your loved ones without any hassle upon your demise. Our experienced team including lawyers, accountants, would steer the process, support in documentation and hand hold you all along the way.

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Inheritance Needs -

Losing a loved one is never easy, and ensuring that their assets go to their rightful heirs is not something that many people plan for. Our I-Need service helps you navigate the challenges that lie on the road ahead after losing a loved one, while providing you with the support you need to get through the toughest of times. Learn more about how it works.

Why choose us to sort out your challenges related to Inheritance

Ensuring seamless transition

Legal adherence in transmission and transfers – documentation as per procedures

Dedicated teams + strategic tie-ups

Dedicated teams of professionals with tie-ups for specialised advise- NRI taxation and overseas legal assistance.

Experienced professionals

Guidance from credible Board of Advisory & Mentors Professionals with impeccable track record and work experience

No original documents or power of attorney

Access to restricted pages of agreements / Deeds (documents) for reference and representation. No power of attorney executed

Hybrid Model - digital interface for tech savvy

Human assistance for Senior citizens with internet phobia. Fully secured tech onboarding and matching manual service with human interface across

Fixed Pricing with convenience

Services are at fixed price irrespective of value of wealth/ assets, with execution capability through human interaction, a boon to Senior citizens and to Indian diaspora

*Terms and conditions apply

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