A service for people of Indian origin regarding their tangible assets in India

Now that you have settled overseas,  you need to think about your Indian assets and wealth keeping your future generations in mind. It’s time that working on your legacy and succession needs your immediate attention. The earlier you take charge, the better the potential outcome.  Imagine you as a joint owner in ancestral property (agricultural land/ family home) in India. You could have left behind financial assets and investments when you first travelled overseas for making a career or to pursue your goal of settling overseas.

Now having accomplished that, with citizenship or a permanent residency of another country, it is necessary to review the situation with the object of continuity.

How do you organise and work toward taking charge of your Indian assets? Who can you reach out to for assistance?  What questions to  ask and how to go about the process ? What would happen to your wealth on your demise? How would your loved ones inherit these assets and own them ?

Now let us assume that you own the assets by yourself or jointly with other family members. In this instance, what is the law and process regarding transmission of ownership on demise? How would you handle such situation? Whom to contact or reach out to for guidance?

These are some of the questions and challenges that our team of seasoned professionals across domains such as legal, taxation, finance etc. handle on a daily basis. At INSPL, we offer:

Preparedness for Inheritance Compliance - (PIC)

A service, that you need to avail while you are alive to ensure that your wealth attains document readiness, such that , on your demise, it may aid in moving to your loved ones without any difficulty.

Inheritance Needs -

Losing a loved one can be extremely painful, especially if the deceased is the earner in your family. While dealing with the irreparable loss, finding and recovering the wealth and assets, and ensuring that it goes to their rightful heirs is not a difficult task. While most people do not even plan for this eventuality, the problem is widespread. Our I-Need service helps the bereaved family navigate the challenges that lie on the road ahead after losing a loved one with regards to assets and wealth retrieval, while providing them support that is much needed during tough times. Learn more about how it works.

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