Inheritance Needs Services Pvt. Ltd. –introduces to India a unique service that address Inheritance

One realises the vibe of death, when it puts its frigid hands on one’s beloved. Death does not come with a warning; but it leaves behind a devastated family, void companionship and helpless surviving partner. Each one of us at some point of time has experienced the pain and sorrow of losing a beloved from within the family or a near and dear companion, a senior mentor or a business associate. At that hour of grief, while sorrow engulfs the mind, one witnesses an environment of sheer helplessness.

The feeling of having lost a close family member/ an acquaintance/ a friend/an associate or a person known to us, overcasts the surroundings, making one feel that the activity and world around us has come to a virtual standstill. One tends to slip into nostalgia intermittently cherishing memories of the memorable past of togetherness and bondage, making oneself realise the sudden void. For the bereaved family, apart from the emotional trauma and shock, financial insecurity supersedes everything , especially if the deceased was the prime earning member of the family. The family members are left in a confused state of mind and sentiments drive decisions with ration thinking sometimes taking a back seat. It is at this stage that appropriate guidance and assistance is critical and utmost required.

Time, they say is an eventual healer to grief and agony. Life has to move on. The need of financial resources to shift to its legitimate beneficiary in the family is by itself an enormous task involving processes and procedures, the outcome of which would provide monetary stability and security to the bereaved family. The bereaved family accesses the current state of ownership and possession of the assets (financial and non financial, movable and immovable) to arrive at a decision on initiating the transition process. It is at this juncture, that the criticality of law and statutes play a vital role in determining the way forward to enable seamless transfer of the assets to the rightful descendants, kin of family, beneficiaries and heirs.

The bereaved family is ill prepared and grapples with legal compliances while navigating through the procedural way of inheritance. This path poses fresh challenges when the family and close to kin are unable to provide pertinent details/ documents relating to the movable and immovable assets, which are needed to ensure seamless transition in ownership change in favour of legitimate heirs.

Why services provided by Inheritance Needs relevant?

Parents and elder members of the family work tirelessly pursuing their respective careers, profession, business, vocation etc. to meet their objectives in life and to achieve their goals. Further, they aim to make provision for the financial security for the family in case of sudden uneventful happenings of the bread earners like accident or partial or full disability.. They save adequately by creating a corpus of investments to take care of the family’s future needs and also for unforeseen expenses. The corpus is primarily aimed to meet the day to day household needs in terms of funding expenses and when they would no longer be earning (post retirement) , to meet medical expenses and contingencies, which would be high due to age related ailments. Lastly, post their demise, they wish to pass on their residual wealth and their savings to the next generation as per their wish and choice. Inheritance Needs Services Pvt. Ltd. through its services aims to provide seamless transfer of the assets in case of bereavement. The idea of formulating the services is to enable smooth transition of assets, when the loved ones are no more.