About us

As human beings, our lives are surrounded by uncertainties; with the only certainty being our eventual demise. While each one of us is  aware of our  mortality, its devastating effects are felt very suddenly  when it is right at our door. There is rarely ever a warning or any notice. If you have lost a loved one, family or friend, your experience of grief is often dependent on the nature of your relationship with that person. In many situations, you can be left to deal with your own thoughts, leaving  little room to consider real-world situations which arise after the loss of the person.. In these times, while some are able to   express their grief and move on, others may be hit much harder by the loss, and may shut down. Anguish clouds the minds of the bereaved.

Despite the shock and sadness accompanying the loss of a loved one, life needs to move on and financial matters need to be addressed, they cannot be ignored for too long.. This becomes even more urgent if the loss is of the primary earning member of the family. While financial security drives the entire process with regards to the retrieval of assets and wealth owned by the deceased person, the need of expertise and dedicated, timebound effort is felt at this juncture.

‘The show must go on’, and this thought needs to be ingrained in minds of those near and dear., It is important for the process to begin, and for some routine to form . 

These are activities which are process driven and need documentation submission and regular follow ups. The earlier they are done, the faster the family will attain monetary stability and security.

In the past extended family members may have been available to help the bereaved family in the process , but with nuclearalisation, family members are in different locations, sparing time from routine life for other members is a constraint. Moreover the immediate family may also be uncomfortable in sharing details of assets and investments of the deceased with extended family members. the complex processes and intricate documentation needed which is specified for each asset class do not make matters much simpler.

It is in this backdrop that Inheritance Needs Services Pvt. Ltd. (INSPL)  crafted its services to enable seamless transfer and transmission of assets to next designated beneficiary on the demise of the asset owner.  INSPL has designed bespoke solutions to address the pain points attached to the implementation of an individual’s legacy. At INSPL,we aim to enable seamless transfer/ transmission of assets to the designated beneficiary on demise of the deceased asset owner as per their WILL or as per applicable succession laws in case the deceased died intestate.