Open Letter to our Imitators

Dear customers, associates and well-wishers,

Thanks to the direction and strategic inputs given by our mentors, the passion and commitment of our team, and the feedback from diverse market participants, INSPL could pioneer an Inheritance enabling service in India.

While we turned our dream into a concept and validated and chiselled it into the current service offerings, we all are extremely grateful for the support of our well-wishers and supporters who have critically evaluated our services. Their input has enabled us to go back to our drawing boards and finally arrive at close-to-perfect and market-acceptable service offerings.

The term ‘imitators’ was last used by most of us in middle school as a synonym of the word ‘copycat’. As we grew older, maturity and seriousness engulfed a veil of mutual respect and adoration towards academic brilliance, paving the use for the word ‘emulator’.

There are, and will continue to be, entities /people who try and replicate INSPL and would/will offer similar service offerings emanating from original ideas with minimal differentiators. Such entities will claim the service offerings to be their own creation. Usually, customers/clients do not distinguish between inspiration and replication. They might prioritise their need for a service to satiate their need at a price and time of their choice to meet their limited objective. However, it’s well-known and accepted that copying differs from the original. Additionally, adequate appreciation needs to be awarded to the inspiration. Inspiration has been core to our service formulation.

Our think tank team members worked on the existing gap and worked out the possibility of solving a problem faced by one and all – addressing the challenges associated with transfer and transmission of assets.

Thus, we arrived at the thought of providing a service that is meaningful, one that proposes a change in human behaviour and also improves it. It was a simple idea which bloomed with more in-depth analysis, and thus, an integrated solution via a service offering was designed. Our sole objective was to be an Enabler to Inheritance.

As dreamers-turned-executors, INSPL has provided a hands-on service in relation to the subject, with our feet on the ground, our eyes on the evolving dynamics, and our minds and hearts attuned such that empathy supersedes apathy.

We pledge as a team, to serve with humility the bereaved family and help them reconcile with the sudden void in order to learn to live life.

Founder & Initiator