Preparedness for Inheritance Compliance - (PIC)

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Moving your assets to your loved ones upon your demise is not easy. Inheritance laws around   the world, and especially in India require a keen understanding of the legal, taxation and finance aspects as well. So how can you proactively take steps to reduce the challenges faced by your loved ones upon your demise? How can you move assets that you wish to give to them in a compliant manner?

INSPL’s Preparedness for Inheritance Compliance service diagnoses and assesses risks associated with each of your assets based on documentation of ownership and possession and it’s current state.

These risks are then shared via a detailed Asset Status Report (ASR), which confirms the relative degree of  risks (High Risk, Moderate Risk and Low Risk) denoting the risk grading.

We then draft all correspondence including pre-filling forms and undertake all communication with each stakeholder such as banks, mutual funds, insurance companies, depository participants, corporates, PF trusts etc. on your behalf to initiate the process of smooth succession in future.

Once signatures have been collected on the right documents and all legal formalities completed, we submit the same with various counter parties through our feet-on-the-field infrastructure.

The preparation of a Testamentary document – your Will is the final step in ensuring that the beneficiary/next generation does not suffer in future.

Process Flow

Accepting Service

Execution of NDA

Payment of engagement fees

Submission of data / information

Diagnosis &

Simulation (ASR)

Risk mitigation
directions awaited
from client

Documents prepared, submitted & follow-up process

Simulation - Final ASR

Draft WILL for

WILL signing

Registration of WILL
(Discretionary) self

Engagement Fee

for Individuals

*(payable in advance, per Pan Card/ person)

Tariff : Rs. 63,000
Taxes (@18%): Rs.11,340
TOTAL : Rs. 74,340* @

* per PAN (Client) -payable in advance @ plus Out of Pocket expenses , billed on actuals (intermittently) for franking / stamping / registration / notary public charges/lawyers fees for affidavits / indemnity/ surety and any other documentation drafting etc.

Engagement Fee

for Institutional Clients

INSPL has entered into an alliance with corporates, banks , financial institutions to provide services to their employees and customers at Preferred Terms. Hence, if you are either an employee or a customer / client of such specified entities you can avail the services at Preferred Terms.


Exclusive Partner Network

An exclusive network of partners in the eco system viz. legal, tax and investment advisory trusteeship guardianship, etc.


The team has vast experience in regulatory, insurance, financial, legal & compliance functions. The credibility of the Board of Advisors and Mentors instils trust and faith in the organisation

Tech Enabled Platform

Use of best in class technology and business processes to enable data security and maintain the best possible efficiency levels for customer satisfaction.

Trust - No POA

Our processes are robust to meet any scale and meet the challenges of volume. The system is based on client responsiveness thereby alienating the concept of power of attorney or authorisation.

One Stop Shop

We provide services addressing all aspects directly related to inheritance.

Quick Turnaround Time

Standardisation and optimisation of processes to provide a quick turnaround time: less than 90 days in case of PIC & less than 120 days in case of I- Need service.
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