Inheritance Needs -

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The service includes carrying out all deeds and ancillary acts with regard to assets owned and possessed by the deceased.

With the help and assistance from the bereaved  member of the deceased family or kin of the deceased or legal heir or successor of the deceased , INSPL  works closely with the family to collect all information and data with regard to Indian assets owned or possessed by the deceased and commences assignment of identifying and diagnosing the current status of the assets in terms of ownership , possession basis the documentation. 

If the deceased had a WILL then INSPL would work closely with the Executors of the WILL by providing all necessary feet on the field support  to execute the same.

If the deceased died intestate (without a WILL or any other Testamentary document) then, INSPL will help in completing the entire legal process of Succession, Heirship etc with the help of its network of empaneled lawyers at additional costs.

INSPL would work to attain the surviving spouse Inheritance Compliance and hence provide draft of  a WILL to the surviving spouse only. In case the assets of the deceased are transmitted to family members (except spouse) then INSPL services will be limited only to the extent of transmission of the assets to the beneficiary as per WILL and if no WILL then to the legitimate beneficiary as per Succession laws

Process Flow

Accepting Service

Execution of NDA

Payment of
engagement fees

Submission of data /

Diagnosis &

Assist the Executor OR take legal recourse

Make all correspondece on behalf of deceased

Submissions and
Follow Up

Draft WILL for discussion
(only in case of surviving

Engagement Fee

for Individuals

*(payable in advance, per Pan Card/ person)

Tariff : Rs. 1,80,000
Taxes (@18%): Rs.32,400
TOTAL : Rs. 2,12,400* @

* per PAN (Client) -payable in advance @ plus Out of Pocket expenses , billed on actuals (intermittently) for franking / stamping / registration / notary public charges/lawyers fees for affidavits / indemnity/ surety and any other documentation drafting etc.

Engagement Fee

for Institutional Clients

INSPL has entered into an alliance with corporates, banks , financial institutions to provide services to their employees and customers at Preferred Terms. Hence, if you are either an employee or a customer / client of such specified entities you can avail the services at Preferred Terms.


Exclusive Partner Network

An exclusive network of partners in the eco system viz. legal, tax and investment advisory trusteeship guardianship, etc.


The team has vast experience in regulatory, insurance, financial, legal & compliance functions. The credibility of the Board of Advisors and Mentors instils trust and faith in the organisation

Tech Enabled Platform

Use of best in class technology and business processes to enable data security and maintain the best possible efficiency levels for customer satisfaction.

Trust - No POA

Our processes are robust to meet any scale and meet the challenges of volume. The system is based on client responsiveness thereby alienating the concept of power of attorney or authorisation.

One Stop Shop

We provide services addressing all aspects directly related to inheritance.

Quick Turnaround Time

Standardisation and optimisation of processes to provide a quick turnaround time: less than 90 days in case of PIC & less than 120 days in case of I- Need service.