PIC : Preparedness for Inheritance Compliance

While each one of us is occupied with everyday life chores, we seldom look at/evaluate our investment portfolio(asset profile). Requirements for revalidation with changing situations, compliances and emerging developments often skip our action. Ownership (holding) pattern of investments, coupled with the administrative aspects embedded therein may not hold good in recent times; due to passage of time or change in relationships and this often remains unattended. Inheritance Needs Services Pvt. Ltd.

INSPL provides services, which carries out the diagnosis of the asset (movable and immovable , financial &non-financial) profile with regard to the ownership and possession structure by collecting information and data and examining documents. This enables a thorough evaluation resulting in determining the risks associated with the process of transmission in case of an uneventful incident like death. INSPL simulates a situation of death to ascertain the robustness of the existing documentation and the related administrative aspects to enable tagging asset wise risks in case of transmission. The simulation also takes into consideration the contents of the WILL if already executed. This evaluation of assets, enables generate an Asset Status Report (Health Card). The level of risks on the basis of asset wise records, determines the level of preparedness for Inheritance INSPL’s service “Preparedness for Inheritance Complaint”- (PIC). Thus, PIC enables clients to take informed decisions and address anomalies if any and makes them inheritance compliant.

I- NEED : Inheritance Needs

Hence, INSPLs purpose is to create a well-informed society where people and communities are well prepared for the situation when the inevitable happens – Death. The service aims to improve one’s preparedness to handle the situation with empathy and overcome grief while embracing reality to move on with life.

Inheritance Needs Services Pvt. Ltd. (INSPL), provides comprehensive support to the bereaved family post demise of a member through its service offering “Inheritance Need” (I-NEED). This service aims to assist the bereaved family by doing all the acts and activities relating to the transfer and transmission of movable as well as immovable assets owned by the deceased in favour of the legitimate heirs and beneficiaries. INSPL interacts and communicates with all stakeholders (private sector entities, quasi private sector bodies, government agencies etc. )to facilitate the seamless transmission within the legal framework in a timely manner. INSPL has a panel of legal and tax experts, who are professionals with domain expertise and are ready to provide their professional services to meet the needs of the bereaved family

Exclusive Partner Network

An exclusive network of partners in the eco system viz. legal, tax and investment advisory trusteeship guardianship, etc.


The team has vast experience in regulatory, insurance, financial, legal & compliance functions. The credibility of the Board of Advisors and Mentors instils trust and faith in the organisation

Tech Enabled Platform

Use of best in class technology and business processes to enable data security and maintain the best possible efficiency levels for customer satisfaction.

Trust - No POA

Our processes are robust to meet any scale and meet the challenges of volume. The system is based on client responsiveness thereby alienating the concept of power of attorney or authorisation.

One Stop Shop

We provide services addressing all aspects directly related to inheritance.

Quick Turnaround Time

Standardisation and optimisation of processes to provide a quick turnaround time: less than 90 days in case of PIC & less than 120 days in case of I- Need service.


Beware of imitators. Our sole objective is to be Enabler to Inheritance.


Dear customers, associates & well wishers,

Thanks to the direction and strategic inputs given by our Mentors, the passion and commitment of our Team and feedback from diverse market participants, INSPL could pioneer the service in India as Enabler to Inheritance.

While the dream turned into a concept, got validated and chiseled into the current service offerings, we all are extremely grateful to the support of our well wishers and supporters who have critically evaluated the services and made us go back to our drawing boards to finally arrive at a close to perfect market acceptable service offerings.

The term imitators was last referred by each one of us in mid school as a synonym of copy cat and post which maturity and seriousness engulfed a veil of mutual respect and adoration towards academic brilliance paving use of an emulator.

There are; and will continue to be entities /people who try and replicate INSPL and would/ will offer similar service offerings emanating from original ideas with minimal differentiators , claiming them to be their own creation. Customers/ clients would not distinguish between inspiration and replication as their need of a service to satiate their need at their time and at their price would meet their limited objective. However, it’s well known and accepted that copying differs from the original. While adequate appreciation needs to be awarded to Inspiration. Inspiration has been core to our service formulation.

Our think tank team members worked on the existing gap prevalent and worked out the possibility of solving a problem faced by one and all. Through the pain of do it by yourself is followed, no one probably thought of providing the service as it meant toiling hard.

We thus thought of providing something meaningful. Something that proposes a change in human behavior, and also adds an improvement to it. It was a simple idea which bloomed with more in depth analysis and thus an integrated solution through a service offering was designed with the sole objective to be Enabler to Inheritance.

As dreamers turned executors, INSPL has its hands on the subject, with feet on the ground, eyes on the evolving dynamics and our minds and hearts attuned such that empathy supersedes apathy.

We pledge as a team to serve with humility the bereaved family in able to reconcile with the sudden void and learn to live life.

Founder & Initiator