Refund & Cancellation Policy

Inheritance Needs Services Pvt. Ltd. (INSPL), in all it’s service proposals mentions to the prospective availee(s) (customer(s)/ client(s)) the service modalities  in detail, the process involved, the timeline in execution, the deliverables and commercials thereof i.e fees to be paid by the availee .

Fees are invoiced on a  per PAN Card basis of the Availee in case the service availed by the availee when being alive. In case the bereaved family avails the post demise services of retrieving the wealth/ assets of the deceased, the fees payable are per PAN Card of the deceased.

Fees are payable 100% in advance . The process of raising the Invoice commences post the Availee (customer/ client) consents to the terms as mentioned in the proposal and also signs the Non-Disclosure Agreement.

INSPL has a NO REFUND , NO Cancellation Policy

At Inheritance Needs Services Pvt. Ltd. (INSPL), the team has full confidence in the manner in which the services are crafted and executed. While, the time taken to implement the assignment could vary from the TAT of 90 days mentioned due to the time taken in the process at the end of counter parties like banks, depositary participants, insurance companies etc. not under any sort of influence or direct control of INSPL.

The team at INSPL leaves no stone unturned in providing its clients (availees of our services) intermittent feedback emphasising the progress of the assignment as the same is largely dependent on the efficiency of the counter parties.