Senior SeeCure – Readiness for the future

Senior SeeCure – Readiness for the future

Sweet chirps and chatters  mark the commencement  of   birds getting busy in building their respective nests. Most of us have during our early days, seen nests of birds on leafless trees or on fork formation of tree branches; secure and well camouflaged for protecting  the eggs and “young ones” from invasions of weather or feathers.


While, usually, the female counter part gets busy  procuring and arranging the twigs, dried leaves and small dead grass & in urban areas wire residues etc  intermittent support from the male creeps in ; the aggregate  idea being providing family security for future.

A closer look at such nests, portrays superior determination in comparison to any top-notch architect. Construction out of varied natural ingredients, using different techniques are hall mark of such nests.

This thus lays the foundation of preparedness or readiness to face future winds – the winds of ageing as a process.

Knowing how to age and not being afraid of aging is very healthy”- Evelyn Lauder

Having driven down over 5 decades on the pathway and arriving at the portico of Senior Citizens Club!!!, I started  preparing myself for this episode first mentally.

Curtain raises – Episode I Act I , Scene I – Life is a theatre in which best people get the worst seats .

This odyssey would need meticulous planning with high visibility on – route ; with or without  a navigator and undocumented curves and turns.

The first thing that struck  my mind was health…. Physical preparedness especially in the background of the scars of irregularities that the body withstood during vagabond college days , youth and midlife corporate culture amidst attaining revenue targets, meeting financial goals for boss’s wellbeing and companies positioning . Now… with age galloping, external situation seems much more challenging especially early anatomic symptoms  seem to crumble bit by bit which could require help of ward boys, helpers, para medics , professional medicos and systematic pharmacy dosages…

“CUT” “CUT” “PACK UP” : Back to reality – took over stretched extrapolated scenario buildup nothing will happen so drastically.

Of course, if illness strikes, one needs to be prepared for combating the same with help and assistance of  Artificial Intelligence (spouse notice) & Machine Learning (radiology & cat scan reports and the likes) with preventive care enabling early detection (hopefully) and aiding corrective remedial actions.

Why think negatively. Let me cherish the journey so far. Born as infant ; with sleep and playfulness being prime objectives, get pushed into childhood to discover newer things by the minute and stride all the way to be a young adult with aims and aspirations to attain and enjoy life to the optimum and to gradually slow down finally as a senior citizen.

Each phase of life has identifiable circumstances, distinct problems where solutions need to be worked out to address such situations and issues.

While an individual grows up – toddler to  adolescence;  there is support and care of parents , siblings, friends and near and dear. We are often told to recollect multiple tantrums that we did as  a kid and how change happened with time, when responsibility crept in providing maturity to  share joyfulness and grief. The tenacity to bear hardships and still have strength and command to control emotions emerges when appropriate situations arise.

Individuals with age tend to come closer to a child’s behavior,  forgetfulness and  sometimes stubborn, irrational and of course deeply  sentimental. Handling them is a task very difficult to perform due to  total change in chemistry.

Sandwich Taste: a double sandwich when bitten tastes of the two diverse layers of fillings spread on different sides of the same bread piece.

What seems to creep in my mind slowly but firmly;  till now, I was  the bread earner of the family and hence decision maker. With age, I would have to slowly retire and pass on notional command to the next generation . Be dependent on my spouse and / or  children; hoping that they would also have the same understanding as once I had performed for my parents when they were ageing and to my kids when they were growing.

“There is no friendship, no love, like that of the parent for the child.” – Henry Ward Beecher

One is reminded of an old military saying, “ If you are prepared for the worst you are bound to be the winner”. Depending on  younger generation to take care in one’s old age may not be a palatable thought that a senior citizen goes with comfortably.

Due to increase in nuclear family due to emerging social structure, displacement to different territories due to professional and vocational needs has resulted in  kids being routinely wired with their parents as per planned and agreed time and days. The ring at pre specified time is what brings smile to the ageing parents’ miles apart and delay by few seconds probably erupts volcanic clouds of anxiousness. This triggers them to initiate the call and establish contact as to elderly parent’s concern over offspring’s not meeting time commitments brings negative thoughts in mind.

“The wise man must remember that while he is a descendant of the past, he is a parent of the future” – Herbert Spencer

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