July 4, 2021


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At 90 years, on demise of my wife, I availed INSPLs services, being in a remote village of Gujarat with all assets in Mumbai

During interaction, I learnt that the Will drafted by me for myself and my wife and which I even got registered at Vyara, was not implementable, when INSPL diagnosed each para and brought to notice the flaws.

INSPLs team were very knowledgeable and extremely efficient. They handled all documentations, prepared representation for all assets irrespective of their current state , got them signed and post submission followed up as well.

Names of asset owners and nominees were in divergence to me and my family’s name ; but fundamentally strong rationale reflected in representations by INSPL paved way for retrieval of large funds. Team members even came to the bank , MF and DP personally with me.

I sincerely thank INSPL team for their exemplary service. ”

Rustomjee Jokhi , Vyara

Availed “I- Need” service