September 19, 2020

Pralay Mondal

by inheritance in

” I thank the Inheritance Needs Services Team for smooth and seamless transition, providing technical logistics support to me and my family through their SiSS (Ship in Shape Service) service. 

Also I am immensely impressed by the designing of the PIC (Preparedness for Inheritance Compliance) service and valuable knowledge and guidance they provided me in taking the right steps and getting the correct documentation done in so many aspects.

The personal care, efficient follow up and client  centric ownership demonstrated by the Inheritance team goes beyond normal customer expectation and gives customer peace and delight in the truest sense. Their professional approach and constant follow up even during COVID times surpassed my expectations.

I continue to be their loyal patron as I believe my association with them will help me accessing more value added services they will launch in future which should help me and my family immensely. Also such services start with trust factor. With the respectable board they have complemented their on ground professional approach which builds this trust significantly and that was critical for me.

I would like to strongly urge more people like me to experience their service and I can assure that it will be of great help as often we ignore small details which can become big problems later on in case of any eventuality.

I wish the team the very best for the wonderful work they are doing and hope they serve many more people like me in time to come “


Pralay Mondal
Former ED – Axis Bank

Availed “PIC” & “SiSS” services