December 17, 2019

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I got introduced to Mr. Rajat Dutta professionally in 2005 and the relationship turned into friendship over time. He willingly and voluntarily drafted my WILL at that time. Annual exchange of pleasantries on festivities and occasions were shared amongst us and time rolled on. Recently with change in situation and circumstances in my family, I anchored into him for an alteration in my old WILL.

He and his team explained me the new rules and laws and guided me with all the actions to be taken for compliance purposes before drafting the WILL. INSPL helped me with a draft WILL after undergoing the “PIC service” The WILL dealt with all complexities of my family situation to my utmost satisfaction and made it easy for my executors post my death.

My experience with Rajat as Founder of INSPL has been comforting in all aspects as I now see in him as an innovator catering to the holistic requirements of inheritance faced by all families. His team members are young, cordial and soft spoken and respect the age of senior citizens like me.

GOD BLESS him in his new venture and wishing him good luck as always ”

P .Unakar – Mumbai
Availed “PIC” service