August 12, 2021

Dr. R Bhatt

by inheritance in

” I was referred to Inheritance Needs Services, the company by a business associate.

After initial discussion, I engaged their services to help us with all the assets to be transferred from the names of my mother-in-law who had died in the US in 2016.

The challenges involved diverse type of real estate assets across cities with financial assets of all possible types, wherein few had nominees and majority had no nominee. The beneficiary being a senior citizen based in USA, travel to India was not feasible.

INSPL having understood the background, systemically actioned the assignment, steering the process remarkably well at a fixed fee model and implemented the entire asset ownership change in favour of the beneficiary without any travel involved within the bounds of the legal framework.

The team is extremely efficient, knowledgeable and dependable !

I have recommended them to many friends in USA and would continue to seek their assistance for other related matters “

Dr. R Bhatt

Illinois – USA

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