June 2, 2021


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“I engaged the services of INSPL after the passing of both my parents during the recent travel lockdowns. As an NRI based in the US, unable to travel, I needed to handle various financial investments spread across fund houses and banks. There were constraints related to the state of documentation, timing, paperwork and legal requirements. The Team at INSPL was able to deftly work through multiple delicate situations, addressing the legal and financial concerns of all involved at each stage, succeeding in my goals with great integrity in honoring time commitments.

The unique value of the combination of legal and financial expertise that the Team brings to bear on such situations is exceptional. As an NRI, it was such a relief to get transparency and education from them regarding the entire process. They worked tirelessly to “unstick” the process at each step, and I never had any doubt that they would be successful, no matter what problem I asked them for help and assistance in solving, irrespective of the institution. The Team went above and beyond, and always responded to my requests immediately. Their work was meticulous at every level, giving me great peace of mind in one of the most difficult times – bereavement. I wholeheartedly recommend INSPL without reservation for anyone going through legacy situations.”

Amrita, California, USA

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