September 19, 2020

Sudhin Choksey & Anjali

by inheritance in

“At the outset, we are impressed to know that an agency exists to help families be inheritance compliant !

Planning inheritance is a very critical requirement which families realise only on loss of their loved ones. In the past, having undergone a painful experience, we availed the service offered by INSPL.

We must admit , that during the assignment we realised the extent of paper work required with various agencies even in today’s digital world. Form submissions , communication and follow-ups done by INSPL were an integral part of the assignment; the relief of being served at our residence as per our convenience was a hallmark of the service.

We sincerely appreciate the patience of INSPLs operational team for their silent follow up which navigated us to reach a state of comfort.

Post our demise, our generation next will be relieved from undergoing tedious and cumbersome processes and work.”


Sudhin Choksey & Anjali

Former MD – Gruh Finance