June 12, 2020

Mrs. Ashu Issar

by inheritance in

“I am highly impressed by the way assignment was conducted. Following are rare occurrence to experience.
IPATIENCE –  I found your team extremely patient, although I changed my mind many times. Every time they heard me and made the necessary modifications.

PROFESSIONALISM – The professional approach and knowledge helped me plug gaps present in  the ownership of my movable and immovable property. This will make the execution of my WILL flawless.

VISION – I was able to include appropriate clauses in my WILL for any future situations. As a result I would not need to make any changes in future.

PERSONAL TOUCH – Though you maintained the boundary of only penning down of my WILL and refrained from giving any advice, yet I experienced a personal touch of a well wisher in the entire process.

I highly recommend your services”

Mrs. Ashu Issar, Gurugram