January 28, 2020

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“ Unexpected loss of a loved one is one of the most harrowing experiences life can put you through.

An absence of a legal instrument like a WILL makes the experience even harder.  I went through a similar life altering event recently with the sudden loss of my elder brother. I reside in USA and had very little knowledge on how to navigate the Indian institutions like government offices, public sector banks and life insurance companies.

In this time of extreme grief I was recommended to reach out to Inheritance Needs Services Pvt. Ltd. by a friend.

The INSPL team went above and beyond with guiding me through the process of streamlining my brothers financial affairs so that my sister in law and niece could have access to his assets and can financially survive going forward.

INSPL has a team of experts that are so efficient in what they do that I could completely delegate the financial matters to them and this allowed me to spend time emotionally supporting my family and grieve the loss.

I would highly recommend the Inheritance team to anyone that is facing a similar situation.

D Shenoy , USA
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